Hot Chocolate – Single Serve Selection Box

No powders, no syrups, just chocolate. 10 sachets made to pair with The Velvetiser.


No mess and no fuss, the ‘just right’ serving size for the Velvetiser.

Which will you try first? 10 sachets, two of each flavour (But 1x 100% Dark and 3x 50% Milky.)

Find your favourite.


Mood-matching hot chocolate

50% milky – a mellow bestseller in our cafés since the start.

70% classic – perfectly balanced, neither too sweet, nor too bitter.

Salted Caramel – milk-caramel chocolate with a tingle of Maldon sea salt.

Hazelnut – roasted hazelnuts sing out over mellow chocolate.

100% Mayan Red Honduras – deep, fruity profile with a side of stamina.


REF: 472732US