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Hot chocolate, as served in our cafes, velvetised at the touch of a button in your home. No powders, no syrups, just chocolat. Delicious with plant and regular milk.

Reserve your Velvetiser today in Copper, Matt Charcoal or White for $129.00 + shipping and receive 10 sachets of our Hot Chocolate – with our compliments. Simply complete the form below to reserve your color.

Arriving in November 2019, your Velvetiser melts our real chocolate flakes to precisely the right temperature, whisking and folding into dairy or plant milk. Perfectly velvetising for the best hot chocolate on the planet. Individual single serves of hot chocolat. Available in salted caramel, milky 50%, classic 70%, hazelnut chocolate and 100% mayan red.

*Terms and conditions: Cancel your reservation at any time prior to shipping. We'll contact you before 31st October to arrange shipping and payment. Shipping of The Velvetiser is due in November 2019.