Ordering and Shipping

Where is my order?

You are able to track your Hotel Chocolat order and we will have provided you with the tracking information you need in the Order Confirmation email you will have received shortly after placing your order. Please use this to confirm delivery of your order before contacting us here.


Can I place an order to be shipped outside of the United States?

Yes, we offer international shipping. Please see options for available locations and delivery options in the checkout form.

We also have dedicated regional sites with the most efficient local delivery

U.K. and EU www.hotelchocolat.com

JAPAN www.hotelchocolatjp.com


Can you ship chocolate in warm weather or to warmer parts of the country?

Yes, we can ship during warm weather and to warmer parts of the U.S. year-round. We monitor the time of year and destination and select the appropriate packaging to ensure your chocolates arrive in perfect condition.


Can you ship to more than one address?

No, you will only be able to select 1 delivery addresses in the checkout form


Can I ship to a P.O. Box or an APO/FPO Address?

Yes, we ship to P.O. Boxes and to APO/FPO addresses. Please see delivery options for each in the checkout form.


Do you offer same-day shipping?

At this point we cannot ensure same day shipping and delivery.


Can you hold my order for a future date?

No, unfortunately at the moment all orders placed will be fulfilled and sent out for delivery the following day


What shipping carriers do you use?

We use multiple ground and air carriers to deliver most of our packages to you or to your designated destinations. However, we only use USPS for all P.O. Box and APO/FPO orders


Why did I get charged tax?

State and local jurisdictions require that we collect applicable sales tax based on the product and shipping destination.


Does Hotel Chocolat offer volume discounts?

Yes, please contact us directly here so we may discuss amount ordered and the associated discount to it.



What is Hotel Chocolat’s returns policy?

You can order in complete confidence; if you’re not 100% happy with your order or we miss an important delivery date, then we guarantee we’ll immediately make it right for you – refunding or replacing as appropriate. Please contact us here – we’re here to help.


Care and Storage

How should I store my chocolate before consuming?

It is best to keep our chocolates in a cool, dry place preferably not to exceed 70 degrees (19ºC). Avoid direct sunlight and humidity and always refer to the Best By date for freshness.


How should I store chocolate if I want to keep it tasting fresh?

Typically, our solid chocolate slabs and bars have a longer shelf life than our truffles, pralines and caramels. Keeping chocolate away from heat of more than 70 degrees and away from humidity is the best approach.

Refrigeration works as long as the chocolates are not open to the moisture-laden air of a fridge so try to seal them in some way. However, chocolate tastes best at room temperature so remember to allow to warm up a bit if you refrigerate.


What does BBE mean?

BBE stands for Best Before End (the equivalent of sell by date). The month that is listed on our chocolates refers to the last day of the month.


Allergy Information

Does your chocolate contain dairy products?

Our milk, white and caramel chocolate all contain dairy products.

Our dark chocolate is made without dairy milk. However, it is made in the same facility and so may contain traces of dairy.

Always check the product label for full information.


Does your chocolate contain nuts?

Some of our chocolates deliberately contain nuts in the recipe  - All of our other products may contain traces of nuts as they are made in the same facility.

Always check the product label for full information.


Does your chocolate contain gluten?

Some of our chocolates deliberately contain gluten and wheat  - All of our other products may contain traces of gluten and wheat as they are made in the same facility.

Always check the product label for full information.


General Questions 

Is there an actual hotel?

Yes! Rabot Estate is our 140-acre organic cacao plantation in the south western part of St. Lucia, near Soufrière – the original French capital. On it is Boucan, a natural luxury hotel and restaurant experience with breathtaking views, a spectacular beach, a rejuvenating spa, and indulgent culinary delights.


Do you grow all your own cacao?

No, and this will never be our aim. However, we are proud to be one of the only chocolate brands to actually grow cacao, on our own 140-acre estate in Saint Lucia. Together with the cacao from 180 independent growers who are part of our sustainable cacao program in Saint Lucia, this accounts for 5% of the cacao we use across our whole business. We wholeheartedly celebrate and support cacao farmers and cacao farming communities around the world and strive to spread the sustainable blueprint we have created in Saint Lucia further around the world over the coming years.


Is the range suitable for vegans?

We believe our dark chocolate is suitable for vegans, however, as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk traces.


What is ‘bloom’ on chocolate?

‘Blooming’ is a thin layer of cacao butter which has separated from the chocolate and risen to the surface. Its not harmful and is safe to eat.


What does Engaged Ethics mean?

Engaged Ethics is our phrase for our roll-up-the-sleeves, long-term approach of enlightened capitalism, leading and changing by example, by direct involvement and risk taking. Starting from scratch on our own estate in Saint Lucia we now have more than 150 other cacao farmers who have joined our operation. Being paid the right amount, being treated with respect and paid on time, giving a long term commitment to build a future on and by sharing ‘know how’ to improve quality and yield – all this was needed to bring cacao farming back to being a viable and sustainable enterprise on this small island. You can find out more here.


Where can I find details of Hotel Chocolat stores?

You can view Hotel Chocolat’s store locations by selecting the ‘Our Locations’ tab at the top of the page. This will show all Hotel Chocolat stores in the U.S.


Can I add gift messages to an order?

Yes, at checkout you will be able to choose a card with gift message to be sent along with your selection. Find out more about all our Gifting here.